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Cavalier Athletic Club Scholarship Program

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Application Deadline: Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Disclaimer: Scholarship recipients please note that scholarships are considered a “resource” and must be included in a student’s financial aid budget. If you are awarded a scholarship that exceeds your financial aid award, a reduction or payment of financial aid may occur.

QUALIFICATIONS: To be eligible for a scholarship, you must receive a GED or high school diploma within the next year and have at least a 3.0 grade point average.

INSTRUCTIONS: Complete the scholarship application. You must indicate the specific athletic scholarship(s) for which you are applying. Please make sure you fill in all information on application.

THE ESSAY: Write an ESSAY about why you deserve to receive a scholarship. Indicate your objectives. You may want to include information about your educational, career, and personal goals. Demonstrate your talent by writing about any special interests or special circumstances that you may wish the selection committee to consider. If you are applying for a scholarship that requires a demonstrated financial need, employment, family responsibilities, evidence of leadership, community service or other requirements, please address that specifically in your essay. Only one (1) essay is needed; please don’t write an essay for each scholarship you are applying for.

ESSAY FORMAT: Use 8 ½” x 11” white paper; type or use a computer. Limit the essay to one or two pages. Use your NAME and ESSAY as the title. Triple-space after the title and Double-space the body of your essay and use 1” margin all around. See sample page. (No extra documents such as pictures, resumes, etc. are allowed.)

SUPPORT MATERIAL: Be sure to include at least two, but no more than three letters of recommendation with your application.

Mail your scholarship application and essay to Cavalier Athletic Club Scholarship, P.O. Box 42, Carson, VA 23830 with a postmark no later than application deadline, January 15, 2020. For more information or questions, please contact Rich Carlyle at (804) 731-3854.

IMPORTANT: You must furnish any other applicable transcripts you would like the Scholarship Committee to consider. All applicants will be notified by letter or phone of their eligibility and the results of their applications two weeks prior to the Cavalier Athletic Club Scholarship Awards Ceremony. All scholarship recipients will receive their scholarship award at the Virginia USSSA Hall of Fame banquet on February 29th of 2020. The banquet will be held at Fort Lee, VA at the Lee Club. Please contact Rich Carlyle at (804) 731-3854 for more information.




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